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CrowdReviews.com Announces the Rankings of the Best Customer Relationship Management Software

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SANTA FE, NM --(Marketwired - March 11, 2016) - --(Marketwired - March 11) - The leading provider of crowdsourced software reviews, CrowdReviews.com, has released the list of the best customer relationship management software based on reviews submitted by users. The rankings on CrowdReviews.com are determined in real-time based on the use of a transparent algorithm taking into consideration a number of different elements. CrowdReviews.com has opted to highlight those offering CRM solutions which consistently feature at the top of the rankings. Users of CRM software solutions are invited to submit their own reviews and experiences on the software they have used.

The top ranked CRM software featured by the algorithm include:

1) Oracle Peoplesoft

2) BigContacts

3) Workbooks.com

Customer relationship management software providers can compete in the rankings by inviting their users to leave their own reviews and opinions on the software they are using. Visitors to CrowdReviews.com are also invited to leave reviews on the services and software they have used in the past or are actively using. In addition, employees, competitors, and other parties are invited to share their own opinions on service and software vendors alike.

The placements of software on the rankings are primarily influenced by customer reviews, but are ultimately determined based on five major factors. These factors are review strength, reputation strength, reviewer strength, profile strength, and verified status. Each of these five factors are determined based on numerous sub-factors which can be reviewed at any time in the following "How Do We Rank" page:


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